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Today, technology offers exciting opportunities for e-learning, teaching, and instruction. This site provides tools to enhance individual, group, or classroom learning.

Understand Spanish better with a different instructional approach. Spanish Sounds is a collection of Instructional Videos (mp4) for learning. Open them, at our site, and begin to learn what most resources fail to include. Increase your Spanish skills with each video. The videos and mp3s are appropriate for all learners.

Gain access to the library of Spanish Sounds with a membership. View and listen to them any time at TechSmith's Screencast hosting site. To watch a sample of a few videos, please go to the following site, and click on VideoMix: http://www.screencast.com/users/rgarza

Click the Learn Spanish link from the side menu for more information and to see the library menu of Spanish Sounds.

Purchase your membership through PayPal and begin your learning. PayPal also offers Visa.