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Spanish Sounds is a collection of Instructional Videos and mp3 files for learning Spanish.

The collection of instructional videos (mp4) are available online and will facilitate your acquistion of Spanish.  Perfect for individuals, groups, or teachers. The videos provide instruction on understanding the Spanish sound system, grammar, culture, history, geography, and more.  The videos illustrate objectives, standards, images, and have excellent audio. 

To watch a sample of a few videos, please go to the following site, and click on VideoMix: http://www.screencast.com/users/rgarza

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About the Songs (mp3)
Las Direcciones: This song provides the perfect way to help students remember the vocabulary and grammar for telling and requesting directions. Includes easy to use 2nd person affirmative commands. The song facilitates the memorization of the basic element of language in today's music style. 

El Alfabeto Rock: The song has a catchy melody and rhythm for easy learning.  Your students will be singing, and learning, the Spanish alphabet in no time.

Cinco de Mayo: Finally, a new and original song that helps students better understand the story of Cinco de Mayo.  The song blends history and culture with a catchy melody for easy learning. Set to the rhythm of the mambo. Your students and you will be happy having a great song in your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Los Paises: This song provides a motivating song that facilitates the memorization of the Spanish speaking (official and non) countries in the world.  This style touches on the Latino music trend of today. Focus on geography, culture, listening, and pronunciation. Augment your learning now.

Connect with these instructional and motivating songs at our Library. All songs connect with the National Standards of Foreign Language (Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, Communities).
Ideal for adults and grades 3 - 12. Purchase your membership today!

About Roberto Garza
Roberto has been a musician most of his life. He plays keyboards, sings, and records his own music. The songs above are original and copy-righted. In addition, he enjoys playing and performing several styles of music in English and in Spanish. Roberto is an instructional designer, musician, and Spanish teacher. He has helped children and adults, with Spanish, for over 27 years.